Dowsett reaches out to local community: ‘If you need assistance in Essex, let me know’

In these complicated and difficult times, it brought us pride to see one of our riders step up and offer to personally assist those who are suffering in his community.

ALEX DOWSETT, who is training at home in Essex, England while awaiting the birth of his child, posted this on his personal Facebook page. We felt this inspiring gesture should be shared with you.

Alex Dowsett:

”My area of the UK has entered tier 4 along with London, so it’s back to a similar lockdown situation most of Europe saw in March and April when all non-necessary shops were shut, and no one was allowed to mix households. Obviously, this is even tougher at the moment given it’s a festive time of the year where families come together during the holiday season. This isn’t allowed now which has made things really tough for a lot of people.

What I saw in the supermarket today really hit home. The elderly, I guess looking at a change from normal, with the prospect of this period of the year now being faced on their own and I just wanted to do something to help.

I train in the mornings and have time, as we are awaiting both a baby to arrive here as well as coming out of tier 4. So, until then, I hoped to ease the load off some high risk and elderly families in my area by doing necessary food shopping for them. My audience on social channels is young so I’m hoping this message will be shared. Families may now be apart by a larger distance so I can jump in and make sure the people who were considering risking themselves to get supplies in can do it in a safer manner. There’s been a huge rise in COVID, plus the new variant of COVID, and people are much more fearful. These aren’t fun times at all.”

If you or someone you know needs assistance in the Essex area, reach out to Alex directly through his social accounts:

Facebook: /alex.dowsett and everywhere else @alexdowsett.

You can also send the team a message directly or in a comment and we will pass it to Alex. We do hope to see more athletes or just common folks follow suit!


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Een bericht gedeeld door Alex Dowsett (@alexdowsett)

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