Forever Jason: We remember him every day

Three years have passed since that cursed day when JASON LOWNDES, OUR sweet Australian rider/teammate/friend went for his training ride and never returned.

Those of us who lived in Girona and were blessed to know him, can still see Jason in our mind’s eye. We have memories of him walking the old streets with a smile or sitting in the local coffee shop, his Israel Cycling Academy bike leaning against the wall. You see, Jason lived as though every day was a precious gift. 

It all ended in an instant when a reckless driver hit him on December 22, 2017. At the conclusion of her trial ended, she would be asked to pay a fine of 2,000 Australian dollars. “Justice” indeed.

But it’s no time for bitterness. It’s time to remember this young mate we all loved. He was 23 years and eight days old when he died. And so he stayed. Forever young.

A few words from Zak Dempster, fellow Australian teammate and a close friend :

Zak: “Jason was a great teammate, a great friend and most of all an absolute legend of a guy to have around.

He lived everyday of his life to the fullest, making sure he didn’t miss an opportunity to be around the people he loved, fill a day with 18hrs of fun filled activities or enjoy fully life’s pleasures – most of which revolved around chocolate and cake.

We remember and miss him for all those great things he shared with us everyday.”

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