ISN AT THE TDF – STAGE 8: We saw it coming… And flying away

We saw it coming… And flying away…

Ben Hermans finished 6th

Tour de France Israel Start Up Nation stage 8
A clearly frustrated Ben Hermans reaction after finishing 6th today in the Pyrenees.
He knew he had the best opportunity today to go into the history books, but stomach problems last night and maybe – some remnants of his injury crash that sidelined him for months – robbed him from producing his best ”numbers.”
So it wasn’t meant to be, but we are PROUD of him and the team that so far showed its colors BIG TIME and were in the game here – day in and day out.


Sylvan Adams stands next to our bus and waits for his riders.
He does it day in and day out. Often tired from his daily ride on the Tour de France course, ahead of the peloton. But he makes sure to shake the hands of every one of “his” riders, whether they had a good day or bad.
Today he needed the pat on the back himself. Ben Hermans’ breakaway looked so promising. The opportunity was there – in the most vivid of colors. He knew what everybody knew: Hermans at his best would win today. But it never meant to be, and when Ben approached the bus, Sylvan was there to do the consoling.

Minutes later came the realizations that really, we had everything to be proud of. “A few days ago, we started the Tour with a crash that could have wiped out almost half the team,” he recalled. “But we came from that. We’ve raced almost every day towards victory, finishing in the top ten four times. Twice now we’ve spent significant time at the front of the race. Let’s keep this up!”

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