ISN in the La Vuelta: Stage 15 report.

11/05/2020 – Stage 15 – 230,8 km – Hilly

Mos > Puebla de Sanabria

“All those endless kilometers (231), all the misery endured in the wind,the fog, the low temperatures, all the discomfort, and pain -resulted in a GC status quo. At least everyone got to the finish safe and in good health.” That’s how we summarized today’s stage today in a single tweet.

Vuelta Espana Stage 15 israel start up nation

Now let’s turn to our riders to describe, in their own words, how they endured the day.

Rory Sutherland: “Today was about the power of a positive mind. Keeping Dan protected and taking things, sometimes, a kilometer at a time. But frankly, I thought about my retirement a lot…”

Vuelta Espana Stage 15 israel start up nation

Mikhel Raim: “It was brutal. When the first break went, it was almost ok for everyone. We thought it was going to be a typical day on the bike, but then Caja Rural started to chase and blew the race up, and then we were again going full gas. It was a very long day, perhaps too long for November. Especially with the rain in the end, 5C and wet conditions after six hours on the bike. Hard, very hard.”

Vuelta Espana Stage 15 israel start up nation

James Piccoli: “I suffered a lot today…but all I had in mind was to do anything I could to be with the team and support Dan. It seems like the whole peloton is on its knees; guys are exhausted. We keep fighting!”

Matteo Badilatti: “It was a hard day. The weather makes it worst. With these temperatures, the body needs a lot of energy just to stay a little bit warm. You don’t overthink, you just keep riding so you don’t freeze.”

Vuelta Espana Stage 15 israel start up nation

Omer Goldstein: “The fast pace in the first hour followed by the wind that made it a nightmare just to carry bottles to the front. Then the rain to finish it off. Riders all around me suffered so much. I will never forget this day.”

Vuelta Espana Stage 15 israel start up nation

Dan Martin: “With the transfers, it has been a 12-hour day! But that’s the challenge of a Grand Tour. You need to deal with all kinds of difficulties. It’s the same for everybody, and that’s all you need to remember. “At this point, it’s a mental battle with yourself, and today tests that. Nearly seven hours on the bike in cold and then rainy conditions just add to the accumulated fatigue ahead of the weekend. “We’ll see how my body feels when I wake up tomorrow, but overall, we are happy with the day, Another one ticked off towards Madrid!”

Vuelta Espana Stage 15 israel start up nation

📸 @noa_arnonphoto @bettiniphoto

Vuelta Espana Stage 15 israel start up nation
Vuelta Espana Stage 15 israel start up nation
vuelta espana stage 14 israel start up nation

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