ISN Rider Mihkel Raim Takes 330-Kilometer Tour To Support Local Hospital

Saaremaa’s cyclists Mihkel Räim and Steven Kalf organise a charity tour around Saaremaa on Thursday, 30 April to fundraise for Kuressaare Haigla, the local hospital on the island. The tour can be followed live on social media. A part of the tour will be attended by Mihkel’s father Riho Räim, the cycling coach of the Saaremaa Cycling Club Viking (Saaremaa Jalgrattaklubi Viiking) who is one of the first coronavirus patients in Estonia who recovered from a very serious condition.

The charity tour will start at 7.00 (Estonian time) on 30th of April in front of the Town Hall of Kuressaare, the capital of Saaremaa, and the expected finish will be between 18.00 and 22.00 near Kuressaare Hospital.

„My home island Saaremaa has suffered a lot during last two months, there has been a great burden and a lot of stress and sadness that has devastated everyone, including myself, my family, our hospital and businesses on the island. It takes time to overcome it, but I am sure that all kind of activities to help Saaremaa speed up the recovery and enable us to get back to our daily lives,” Mihkel Räim comments the aim of the tour.

Mihkel Räim says the charity tour around Saaremaa is his way to support his home island, the local hospital and the local community. “Almost 330-kilometre tour will be attended by my good friend, cyclist Steven Kalf, because together it is psychologically easier and safer to take this kind of challenge,” says Räim and adds: “One part of the tour will be attended also by my father Riho Räim, whose recovery from the corona virus and optimism will hopefully help many other people in Saaremaa as well as elsewhere.”

Raim at the lake. Picture: Raul Vinni
Raim at the lake. Picture: Raul Vinni

Madis Kallas, Chairman of Saaremaa Crisis Committee and Mayor of Saaremaa, comments: “Both in cycling and in crisis situation only teamwork will lead to victory and the input by each team member is very important. I am grateful to our top-class cyclists who will take a charity tour around Saaremaa on their bikes and do it for the support to our hospital.”

Märt Kõlli, Member of the Executive Board of Kuressaare Hospital, comments: “The staff of Kuressaare Hospital have managed during last seven weeks mostly thanks to the support and boost by local community. The event organised by Mihkel Räim is a nice way to continue “Let’s do this together” behaviour.”

According to Mihkel Räim the whole tour will be filmed with GoPro camera and it is possible to follow cyclists live on Instagram (mikuraim) during 10–12 hours that the tour around Saaremaa is expected to take. Besides the opportunity to support Kuressaare Hospital cyclists will introduce Saaremaa, the largest island of Estonia that is a beloved tourism destination among Estonians and their neighbours.

Anyone interested in donating to Kuressaare Hospital by phone from Estonia can do so automatically by calling the following donation hotlines and remaining on the line until the end of the pre-recorded message: 9000 405 for €5, 9000 410 for €10, 9000 450 for €50.

The hospital is also accepting direct donations via online bank transfer:

To: Kuressaare Haigla SA

Account number: EE322200001120090627 (Swedbank, BIC/SWIFT code: HABAEE2X) or EE581010220017888014 (SEB, BIC/SWIFT code: EEUHEE2X).

Note: „Aitan Saaremaad“

Should anyone be interested in donating larger sums, the hospital can be reached via email at

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