Israel Cycling Academy Makes History with Jaguar

Tel Aviv. May 3, 2018

Israel Cycling Academy, set to make history on Friday with their Giro d’Italia debut, will be supported by one of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands on four wheels: Jaguar.

A pair of E-pace Jaguars, painted in blue and black, the colors of Israel’s first and only professional cycling team, will be driven by Israel Cycling Academy. Team managers, sports directors, a dozen bikes, mechanics, and additional equipment will travel in the Jaguars during the opening three stages of the 101st edition of the Giro d’Italia, the first time a Grand Tour has ventured beyond Europe.

Among the team’s eight riders at the Giro are Israelis Guy Niv and Guy Sagiv. The duo will make history twice over as the first Israeli cyclists to ever compete in a Grand Tour and as members of the first Israeli-based team to participate in a Grand Tour.

Jaguar proudly announced the partnership would make the car brand the official team vehicle of Israel Cycling Academy during the Giro’s Big Start which features the opening three stages in Israel.

“We are proud and excited to sponsor Israel Cycling Academy at such an important and visible sporting event as the Giro d’Italia,” said Rami Waxman, vice president of marketing for Jaguar. “As a company that represents a sporty luxury brand such as Jaguar, we believe in and promote the values of excellence, perseverance, and determination. We welcome the opportunity we have to support the Israeli team and wish its members success on behalf of Jaguar.”

Under the sponsorship agreement between the two organizations, the team has received five different Jaguar models which will be the team’s entire vehicle fleet during the Big Start. Another three Jaguars will arrive at the team’s fan zones, giving away team apparel to fans along the race route.

The Giro opens with a 10-kilometer time trial on Friday. On Saturday the race sets out from Haifa and travels north before turning south and reaching Tel Aviv 167 kilometers later. The 229-kilometer stage on Sunday starts in Be’er Sheva and finishes in Eilat.

“As far as we are concerned, in one of the biggest and more arduous races in the world, we need the best vehicle there is. Support at all moments during the race is critical,” said Ran Margaliot, Israel Cycling Academy’s General Manager. “This sponsorship with Jaguar in Israel is unquestionable proof that our team represents quality and professionalism. Along with the tremendous exposure that the team receives at various races and media outlets around the world, and now in Israel, too, we provide everyone who connects with us excellent value. The fact that such a world-class, prestigious brand like Jaguar has joined us only strengthens our case.”

Israel Cycling Academy was established in late 2014 in Jerusalem as Israel’s first professional cycling team with a clear vision to grow Israeli cycling and to bring young cyclists, especially Israelis, to the top levels of the sport. Since then, the team has moved up to the Pro Continental division, won dozens of races, and developed many Israeli riders. The team has twenty-four riders from sixteen different countries, including five Israelis.

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