ISN And PowerWatts Challenge you: Compare Your Training Results With ISN Pro Riders

  • Do you have what it takes?

  • ISN is testing its riders and challenges you to take the same test

ISN-PowerWatts ProChallenge. The first of three events coming your way over the next four weeks, in which you can compare your results with ISN Pro Riders!

This competition does 3 things: 

1) Gets your competitive juices flowing by creating healthy competition with leaderboards

2) Stimulates both anaerobic repeatability and capacity – which is a great fitness builder and required for success in competitions

3) Stimulates your brain to determine what the best pacing strategy is for you

This first event is called “The Big Rouleur” draws on some of the essential elements riders need to survive to the end of the line for Classics and single day races. Many of you are probably hungry for a little competition so let’s enjoy!


  • Purpose: to measure anaerobic repeatability, capacity and pacing ability
  • Riders have 15 minutes to complete 10 efforts of 30s at the highest possible power output
  • Event closes for ISN pros on April 22
  • Do not use erg mode – pace yourself with your brain not with a computer
  • Attempt it inside or out (depending on your preference or situation)
  • Choose any terrain/parcours that you feel will give you the best results
  • Weight has to be accurately provided entered the day you try it
  • Make sure you calibrate your PM beforehand


POWERHOUSE” – Awarded to the riders with the highest absolute average watts for all 10 efforts combined.

FLYWEIGHT” – Awarded to the riders with the highest relative wattage (w/kg) for all 10 efforts combined.

Important: the highest single effort of the 30s attempts has 4x the value (which increases your overall score/ranking) so it pays to do at least one of them very very hard!


  • 30-60min Warm up to 75% of your CP20min
  • 2-4x short 10-20s accelerations to 7-9w/kg
  • 3-5min easy
  • 15min time limit to do 10 efforts of 30s at the highest power you can sustain, all within the 15min window.
  • 30-60 min cool down

How to compare?

  • Share your statistics with us on the Facebook or Instagram post and after the event closes, you will be able to compare the scores with our Pro Riders.

Good luck!


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