ISN in the La Vuelta: Stage 10 report. NEVER A DULL MOMENT

10/30/2020 – Stage 10 – 185 km – Flat

Castro Urdiales > Suances

Dan Martin: “IT WAS CRAZY”

Dan Martin is a direct individual who tells it as it is. So, when he says it “was crazy” today, you better believe him. And coming from a guy who has experienced it all, the word crazy carries even more weight.

Vuelta Espana Stage 10

We knew it might be a trap stage. Meaning, there were critical points, especially in the last 10 kilometers, where we risked losing position and even valuable time. But it became even more hectic when the sleepy peloton gave the breakaway almost 13 minutes and had to move into wild mode nearly two-thirds of the way through the stage to close it. But again today, Dan enjoyed tremendous support from his teammates. In addition to the usual suspects, Israeli Omer Goldstein pulled and helped Dan to the front in the critical juncture, nine kilometers to the finish.

Omer Goldstein Vuelta Espana Stage 10
Omer Goldstein

“He did exactly what we asked him and bit for the first time,” complimented DS Oscar Guerrero, who put a lot of trust in his Israeli. In the end, Dan got what he wished for: a great position going into the last hill. Until 200 meters from the top, he was arm-to-arm with the winner (and the new leader of the race, Roglic), but Roglic had the superior kick.

Between tomorrow and Sunday, we will face the most critical 36 hours in the race: two mountaintop finishes and eight categorized climbs. What will be the outcome?

Vuelta Espana stage 10

“We will give Dan all the support possible, but it’s up to his legs,” said DS Guerrero. Here are Dan Martin’s words about today and what we can expect tomorrow: “When the breakaway first went, we thought the day was finished as nobody wanted to chase. With the gap getting so big, the teams had to ride really hard behind, and it made for a much harder stage than we expected. It was crazy, the last 30 km. Every team wanted to be in the front, so it was tough to stay together, and many risks were being taken, especially on the big roads. Everybody played their part today. I just followed Rory all day, and he kept the team in the front. “I made some mistakes – I lost Reto and Alexis a couple of times – but then Miku and Omer were there to help, and in the end, I found the two big guys, and we were in a pretty good position for the finish. I took a bit too much wind in the last kilometer and lacked the kick in the final to match Roglic, but I’m happy to be in the front again. “I didn’t have great legs today after yesterday, so I think for tomorrow it was good to finish hard. It’s a huge weekend ahead and tomorrow is one of the most challenging stages of any race on the 2020 calendar. It will be a big test, but I’m looking forward to it and always love racing in the mountains.”

Pictures: Noa Toledo Arnon and BettiniPhoto

Vuelta Espana stage 10
Vuelta Espana stage 10
Vuelta Espana stage 10
Vuelta Espana stage 10
Vuelta Espana stage 10
Vuelta Espana stage 10

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